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The Silverstein HR Solution

Employers are driving a trend toward alternative healthcare cost management. They want to significantly reduce highly inflated medical pricing. The solution is RBP (also referred to as Metric-based Pricing or Cost Plus).

Growing exponentially in popularity, Reference Based Pricing provides patients with choices, saves employers money, provides quality care, saves employees money and may reduce deductibles & co-pays as well.

Today, companies nationwide are making the switch from PPOs to Reference Based Pricing - and saving up to 50% on their health insurance costs.

A Coordinated Approach

At Silverstein HR we work with our vendor cost containment partners to offer services to employer groups with primarily 50 to 2,500 employees. ‚Äč

Here's what we do to put the savings back in the companies' pockets:

  • Apply Reference Based Pricing principles with medical facilities like hospitals, out-patient surgical and diagnostic imaging centers to provide the most economical solutions
  • Bring the pressures of consumerism and the free market to the medical world to stimulate cost transparency
  • Engage employees with technology to make educated, stress-reduced, money saving decisions
  • Provide an invaluable extension to your benefits administrative personnel through proactive outreach, ongoing advocacy, advocate authorization and credit protection.

‚ÄčUltimately, through consistent application of industry-accepted repricing analyses and decision processes, including medical bill review, direct provider contracting and out of network claims negotiation; together with our vendor partners we create a valid and defensible payment recommendation.

Reference Based Pricing
Direct Contracting